Forum Rules


Basic Rule

It has to be maintained a peaceful and respectful behavior without insulting hostility among members. It is a friendly and polite tone used. If there should be problems with other members, a moderator must be informed and to ask for help. It should take place no punch exchanges, disturb the peace forums. Harassment and bullying are also not tolerated. The Administration reserves the right to delete such posts and the polluter to discipline (warning, exclusion). Such conflicts, if they are really necessary, please settle exclusively in private messages.

Insults and profanity

Posts that insult other members will include deleted and cautioned that Member. In case of repeated violation the member will be banned from the forum and made a complaint in particularly severe cases. This rule also applies to vulgar expressions (eg # # # #, # # # #, etc.) in posts.

Instructions of the Administration (Administrator, Global Moderator, Moderator)

The instructions of the administration is absolutely mandatory. Failure to comply may result in warning or blocking.

New topics (threads)

If you want to create a new topic, should first assure you that it does not exist in another part of the board. Double posts on a subject in several Topic areas are removed with a short message to the author.

Wrong topic assignment

When opening a new contribution should always be taken to ensure that it is inserted in the appropriate subject area. Entries in a wrong topic will be moved to the appropriate subject area. The author gets on this a short message.


Quotations should always draw attention to a specific point in another user's contribution and may be used freely. Here one should note, however, that one takes only the text where each question and not quote the entire post. This is the overview in the various community contributions and to avoid long quotations.

Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and promotion of products or websites are not allowed in the forum. Exceptions are interesting links to feature articles or products. Violations will be deleted without comment. For serious or repeated violations, the member is banned from the forum and, where appropriate criminal charges.


The signature should appear neither intrusive nor disturbing. You should not detract from the content of the posts. Animated GIFs (Exceptions may be granted by the Administration), videos, etc. are therefore not allowed (except forums own smilies). A maximum of a graphic signature ever be involved. The maximum image size is 600x200 pixels. Only the default font size may be used for the text, or smaller.


For privacy reasons, private information such as phone numbers, addresses or private data is not to pass in the forum. Should arise during a discussion strand contacts, so the persons concerned should exchange data via private message or e-mail each other. Postings with personal data will be deleted for data protection reasons.

Integration of visual material

It can be integrated in the Forum at any time images if they have anything directly to do with the topic of the article.
Images with pornographic or illegal content will be deleted.
In case of repeated violation (inclusion of a non-thematic image) the member is cautioned, or excluded from the forum. used by
Way the internal forums gallery, the size of the images in posts (unless otherwise specified) must not be larger than 800x600

Copying someone else's content

The insertion of foreign texts from websites is prohibited due to copyright reasons, unless otherwise specified. Here should be placed on the content in question with a comment a link. Posts with copied contents, unless otherwise specified will be deleted.

Forums Chat (Shoutbox, AX-Chat)

All of the above rules also apply to the entire chat area.
Of course, the rules also apply to the AX-Chat.

Other Rules

There are other rules in the forum, which apply in specified subareas or globally. These rules must also be observed. You will find here:

General Rules

Last note

Constructive criticism is always welcome here.
There are areas for criticism and suggestions in the forum. It is requested to use these.
The authors also rejoice over even the smallest appreciation.