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    Autor-X. What's this?

    Autor-X? What's that again? ::conf::

    This is a forum that not only provides a place for authors to exchange ideas, but also a contact point for proofreaders, editors and, of course, readers. In order for this undertaking to succeed, we are always on the lookout for new members who will be able to incorporate their own ideas into the still young board.
    If you write yourself, like to read what others have written, or find yourself helping and optimizing texts, you have a place here.

    It doesn't matter if you never intended to publish anything or if you are just thinking about publishing something sometime or if you even have something in your drawer, but you are simply not sure what to do with it, we will help you here.
    It's not about publishing your works for free, even if you are allowed to do so here. Nor is it about sucking the creative blood out of your veins and making a profit with it. Not alone because the whole offer of the forum is completely free of charge. We would like to offer a platform to all those who are repelled by the big communities, who seek and find success in the small things and who above all don't want to miss one thing: fun.

    No matter whether you need help with your research, want to fall back on our still growing encyclopedia (or even intend to fill it with your know how) or are simply looking for distraction, we are the right place for you.

    And why amateur author forum?

    Because it is mainly aimed at authors for whom writing is more of a hobby.
    They just can't make a living from it and either write on the side, or just for the fun of it.
    But of course we don't want to discriminate against anyone. Also bestseller authors are cordially welcome to us. ::kicher::