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    Storytellers paying attention

    Dear storytellers and hobby authors,

    each registered member is allowed to publish stories.

    Write them in the appropriate forum area and then the stories are reviewed by a team member and then unlocked.
    Please do not forget to specify the age range for which your story is appropriate.

    Complete or self-contained stories belong to the literary field, according to the genre.

    Extracts or excerpts belong in the presentation area.

    If you are unsure about grammar and / or expression, first contact the editorial office and present your work there.
    It is then moved to the correct location after correction.

    But the correction after publication is possible, if it does not bother you, that then everyone can first see the mistakes.
    The texts still to be corrected receive a corresponding label from the team.

    In the group of authors can be added everyone after at least three stories.

    If this applies to you, you apply for membership in the author group.
    This happens in your own profile.

    Authors may then also offer their works in the bookshelf.

    And now, have fun writing